Hull and East Riding Organ Group
  affiliated to the Incorporated Association of Organists

How does HEROG achieve its aims?
  • The Group holds meetings to hear speakers talk about organ-related subjects; these could be about the workings of the organ, history of organ building, interpretation of organ music, composers and many other aspects.
  • We arrange visits to organs in churches or halls where visitors have the chance to hear different organs and to play them.
  • We visit other relevant places such as organ builders' workshops.     
  • A network of organists exists within which members and visitors can discuss music and the organ and learn from others,particularly the more experienced organists.
  • Organ recitals are given by, or sponsored by, members of the group thereby demonstrating the instrument to members of the public.
  • The Group intends to actively promote interest in the organ and to encourage the education of newer organists and in particular young people. This could include helping them to access practice facilities or sponsorship or encourage them to take part in concerts.
  • The Group has contact with other bodies which have similar aims such as the Incorporated Association of Organists, The Royal School of Church Music and The Royal College of Organists and will be in a position to advise on the best way forward.
  • The body of expertise on organ matters within the Organ Group can be used as a resource in promoting the building of new and in conserving old instruments.
       All meetings and visits are open to non-members.

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